Vente de vélos électriques et accessoires neufs ou d'occasion entre Genève et Lausanne. Stations de recharge de batterie de vélos électriques en Suisse.

18 years old in 2022 !

And still here!

The first users of our electric bikes are mostly in good health, don’t have cholesterol and make great babies!

Of course we don’t sell happiness but our e-bikes help…

Thousands of people have trusted us and each one of their turns of the pedal reduces the deficit of the health system, saves tons of CO2, and relieves traffic jams.

Since Geneva’s Watts shop & campus was started we have been preparing the future of the e-bike and developing self-service e-bikes by sharing processes…

You will find:

Watts’ whole range: elegant, solid, efficient and reliable e-bikes. Accessories and our repair shop.

Mobility Parc: this e-bikes providing and recharging automated system is intended for local authorities and enterprises: no cable to connect, no battery to carry, no bike to lock… Aesthetics, simplicity, efficiency, reliability. Made in Switzerland.

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