Mobility Parc – European leader in e-bike sharing solutions

Clean, quiet, fast, healthy, useful…

With all these qualities, the electric bicycle (or e-bike) achieves great success and leads a lot of people to give priority to soft mobility. Its main advantage is to make ecology pleasant and efficient whereas we often tend to see it as a constraint or a duty. This new mobility is gradually becoming a must and more and more enterprises and local authorities let themselves be seduced.

The Mobility Parc has been developed in order to optimise and develop the use of electrical bicycles. This charging station concept is designed to group the bikes together in the same secure place and to make them always available with no battery problem.


« Who is it for and how does it work? »

The Mobility Parc is a scalable solution compatible with actual uses and infrastructures. Each company, local authority or private individual defines its own park according to its own needs and features.

A SME whose co-workers have frequent trips will choose a basic version of the Mobility Parc with 5 or 6 charging terminals, 5 or 6 bikes, and access by an RFID keyring. The e-bikes will remain permanently available.

An enterprise that has hundreds of co-workers in several different sites will choose a larger system with a station in each site, bikes in the colours of the society and connected to the access system of the enterprise. The co-workers will be able to check on internet the availability of the bikes, to book one and to quickly pass from one site to another.

As part of self-service bikes, a local authority can contemplate several stations, some of them with payment machines and many bikes in circulation. It will be possible to access bikes either with a subscriber card or by paying with a credit card or a smartphone. An elaborate management system will be set up in order to facilitate the maintenance of the network and will offer a mobile app to make the access easier for the users.

A hotel or a tourist establishment wishing to provide visitors with bikes will also find a tailored solution. A few bikes on a station, some access cards available at the reception, and a quick payment system after use will guarantee an easy management and be an attractive feature for the clients.